500+ Likes|Extremely Grateful|

Hello Everyone !

It seems like just a few days ago, when I started over my journey of writing. It was just an another day, when I wrote something and the appreciation I got left me amazed. I used to only felt surprised by seeing how people can write, but never knew if even I can.

I had so much to share, so many thoughts, so many ideas, but I was lacking that medium with which I can explore if it is just another feeling that I want to write, or can I actually write. It was then, I met “WordPress” and created this Blog. I had to decide what I want to write, which area should I be in, How to create a Blog, Is it good to be write or should I just “Shut Up”.

With second thoughts in my Mind, I took a chance to write few months back. My hobby for writing soon cooled down, but then again it incubated and I felt an urge to write. I came back here to pen down whatever I wanted. I, then, never looked back.

Though quite engulfed by the studies, by the internship and workplace pressure, and lot other things, I ensure to make out just a few minutes of my life to be given to something I love- Writing, which has taken up me so much that I felt a strong urge to write, if it has been few days since I write.

Yes, even this post is the result of that urge which made me write. Write anything, but do write. Through this post, I want to share with you all my happiness over getting 500+ likes, recently notified to me.

Coming back to the point, I want to convey my heartfelt Thanks to everyone out there. It is because of you people that I don’t only write today, but write with a heart and feel the happiness in this rat-race life. It is one thing which gives me happiness, and all you people made it possible for me to stay over this platform. Thanks to Everyone.

Thanks !!






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