If I were to remember you, I will pull up the strings of love, with which you caressed me, prayers, with which you blessed me, determination, with which you trusted me, and support, with which you motivated me. -KraftingThoughts. You may hold grudges for someone, but remember them for their good. It is good for …

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Hello Krafters !! " Our life is a race, where we wake up to run that day; and where we sleep to run next day. Somewhere in hope to beautify our lives, we forget to live our lives. We need to stop and relax, so as to enjoy the designing we did to out lives." -KraftingThoughts. …

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#Confide in me !

Phuro! Be inspired! BLOG

Raising awareness for mental health ! We can beat the monsters !

First of all I want to thank follower/friend/blogger Krafting Thoughts for helping me raise awareness for my cause ! Wow I am grateful. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ! I am looking forward to see your writings on this topic and will reblog them here !

The reason why I became a life and mental coach is because people always tell me their story, even strangers !

Some tell me their deepest secrets. I don’t even have to ask them these things, I seem to invite them unwittingly, unknowingly to open up their heart and to let their truth come out….

The other reason why I became a life and mental coach is because I want to encourage people to come out of their box mentality. We are always labeling ourselves and others and we are…

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Liebster Award 2018….Thank You All!

A Fresh Outlook--Maanini Singhvi

Thank you to KraftibgThoughts for nominating me for this wonderful honour! You can visit KraftingThought’s amazing site through the following link:

Here are some answers to the questions posed. 

1. If given a chance to choose between a solo trip or a family trip, what would you choose and why?

-Oh, I would definitely choose a family trip! It’s a far more exhilarating experience to create memories together instead of just being alone. As far as self-discovery is concerned, I’m severely restrained by my inability to get up in the mornings. Adventures like hiking, boating, kayaking, etc. are all up my dad’s alley. My adventures are limited to reading a book in bed.

2. Do you prefer dusk or dawn? Why?

-Dawn, because I’m never around to see it. The best place to be at dawn is in bed. At dusk, if you’re in bed, people frown. But yes, on a…

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